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Philadelphia Athletic provides next level, no cost, multi-sport training and competition for athletes of all genders in the City of Philadelphia.  We are a player-centric organization led by women and people of color.  Our mission is to develop the leaders of tomorrow by investing in the youth of our city today.

We are committed to building an inclusive community that is actively engaged in doing anti-racist and anti-sexist work throughout the organization.  We are empowering one another with the practical tools to disrupt these systems of oppression utilizing sport as a vehicle with which to engage.

About Us



Today's young athletes are pushed to commit to a single sport before their bodies, hearts and minds have matured.  Too often, this results in burnout, overuse injuries and an inability to adapt to different team roles.  Our young athletes are required to participate in multiple sports as a way to better ensure they are developing different muscle groups which will prevent injuries and encourage them to apply different the tactics learned in one sport to another.  When a star in one sport learns to be a role player in another, they learn how to better manage adversity and prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for the next stages of their athletic career.  


One of the greatest challenges of city living is trying to get across town or to the suburbs for practices multiple times a week.  Young athletes and their families spend countless hours in cars and public transportation going to and from practice.  So instead of forcing players to come to a single location throughout the week, we are partnering with neighborhood community programs to allow our athletes more time playing and less time traveling.  These training sessions will combine age groups and genders which also encourages members to meet new people, learn to adjust their style of play to different dynamics and provide different challenges.


We are working with top coaches and training organizations to create a system of player development that will support a guiding philosophy and language.  While this is more work for our leadership, it means that we can be confident that players will be able to more seamlessly move to different select teams.  By providing professional trainers to our community partners, we will also be able to engage athletes in these programs under this direction therefore allowing them to be pulled up as guest players and to participate in our events.


In coordination with our Community Partners, we will identify select teams to take to higher level competitions locally, regionally and nationally.  Our goal will be to create proactive recruiting plans for our athletes and their families for participation in college athletics.  These select teams will not just compete in elite competitions but put our players in front of college and pro scouts at all levels of the game.  We will provide comprehensive support to our member families in their college search, selection and financial aid process.


We will create events in the City of Philadelphia that showcase our city and phenomenal athletes.  From youth tournament attracting athletes from around the world to adult tournaments which will support our funding needs for programming.  Our goal is to be able to combine large corporate partnerships to leverage access to public and private facilities throughout the city for these major events.  This will be the foundation for building the fan base for our professional teams we are looking to bring to Philadelphia as expansion franchises.







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3525 I Street, Suite B01, Philadelphia, PA 19134

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